Episode XIX: Crisis In Masculinity: What is the Way of the Superior Man?

Western civilization is undergoing a crisis in masculinity. Does a controversial tantra teacher have the solution?

In Episode XIX, The Multiversity Project dives into David Deida’s ‘The Way of the Superior Man,’ and asks whether men need to become more masculine in the way he understands it: firm, decisive, purposeful and loving. And more controversially, we ask what that means for the role of women and the feminine.

We discuss masculine-feminine polarity in heterosexual relationships, whether gender equality leads to sexual apathy, how polarity might apply to homosexual relationships, whether World War II represented a symbolic victory of the feminine over the masculine, what all this means for the “tough guy” role, how to apply these principles in your own relationships—and whether you should at all.

Read the books discussed in this podcast (special discount!):

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida:

The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Douglas Arava and Mantak Chia: