Ep. XXVIII: De-radicalization ft. Luis Fernando Mises

How does one end up in a radical political ideology, what is the mindset like, and how does one get out of it?

In Episode XXVIII, hosts Arielle and Katy, and special guest Luis Fernando Mises of Emancipated Human tell the stories of their radical pasts and how they became ideologically anarcho-communist (Arielle) and anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist (Luis and Katy). Reflecting now from a place without labels (Arielle and Katy), or from a more nuanced, individual perspective on anarcho-capitalism in the case of Luis, we examine our prior belief systems and discuss how we can move from divisiveness to connection.

00:00 Introduction? 03:22 Introduction. 04:48 What were we like before radicalization? What was the groundwork that led us here? 21:30 The radicalization process 26:13 Ron Paul Revelation! 29:50 Comparing anarcho-capitalist mindsets vs anarcho-communist mindsets 57:30 Luis’ beefs with anarcho-capitalism 1:05:20 Where it all fell apart for Katy 1:22:20 Society’s corpus collosum- the connection between the left and right 1:29:10 De-radicalization and the loss of community. Is there something magic about being part of an ideology?

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Luis Fernando Mises is a leadership consultant, entrepreneur, free-market advocate, and founder of Emancipated Human. You can find him here:

https://emancipatedhuman.com/ https://vimeo.com/emancipatedhuman https://www.instagram.com/luisfernandomises/ https://www.facebook.com/emancipatedh/ https://twitter.com/emancipatedh


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