Ep. XXVI: Bitcoin, Cypherpunks, Anarchy, and Pokémon ft. Juan Galt

Is Bitcoin the wave of the future, the tulip craze of today, a revolutionary force to weaken the state, or some combination of all three?

The Multiversity Project’s Chris Guida and Katy Kelly are joined by entrepreneur, public speaker, and crypto journalist Juan Galt for a comprehensive discussion of cryptocurrency: the tech, the economics, the movement, the political implications, and the potential to change the world, for better or for worse.

We’ll cover topics such as: -What is Bitcoin? -Why do some economists (especially Austrian economists) love Bitcoin, while others (Keynesians) hate it? -What is the relationship between Bitcoin, the cypherpunk movement, libertarianism, and anarchy? -What is the dark side of cryptocurrency? Does crypto make assassination markets inevitable? -Why are dumb protocols smarter than smart protocols? -Are secrecy and dishonesty important for society? -What happens when a self-driving car can manage its own money? -Will the impending Bitcoin-fueled AI takeover be averted with water guns?

This episode is not investment advice. And remember folks, there are no crypto experts.

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