Ep. XXIV: Transcend the Culturescape: Awaken Your Extraordinary Mind ft. Matti Rivers-Moore

In Episode XXIV, The Multiversity Project is joined by special guest Matti Rivers-Moore for a winding discussion of personal development that touches on everything from drug culture, the moral philosophy of Nietzche, and the deplatforming debate to lucid dreaming, the power of forgiveness, and how achieving alpha brainwave states can help you bend reality in your favor.

-Should we question *absolutely everything,* including our most deeply held moral beliefs?
-What is the process of self-authorship?
-Is it necessary to go through an extreme culture-counterculture swing to understand the culturescape?
-What is the connection between lucid dreaming and inner mastery?
-What emotions have the power to fuel true transcendence?
-What does it mean to bend reality, and how do we practice it?

Inspired by “The Code of The Extraordinary Mind” by Vishen Lakhiani

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