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Limitless Creativity: Always Find What To Write

Sometimes people tell me that they’d like to start writing, but they don’t know where to begin. The answer is so obvious, that when I say it, it sounds like I’m mocking them. There are three steps: Pick up a pen; Apply it to the paper; and Be okay with whatever ends up on the…

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Big Government, the Sovereign Individual, and Marxist Revolution: Three Alternate Futures

The capitalist world of Sovereign Individual

If modern politics could be defined by one word, that word might be “equality.” The 20th century was the age of public health care, generous welfare benefits, the rise of socialism, and preferential hiring for the disadvantaged. Many see these trends continuing; they predict we’re moving towards a world where resources are shared, every individual…

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Episode V: Mainstream Physics Has a Challenger- The Rational Scientific Method and the Ropes Hypothesis

On Episode V, David Robison joins The Multiversity for a very special episode where we discuss some radical ideas at the fringes of science and philosophy. Many people find the theories put out by academic physicists to be challenging to understand, counterintuitive, and perhaps even incoherent. Proponents of the Rational Scientific Method and the Rope…

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