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Big Government, the Sovereign Individual, and Marxist Revolution: Three Alternate Futures

The capitalist world of Sovereign Individual

If modern politics could be defined by one word, that word might be “equality.” The 20th century was the age of public health care, generous welfare benefits, the rise of socialism, and preferential hiring for the disadvantaged. Many see these trends continuing; they predict we’re moving towards a world where resources are shared, every individual…

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Science as Religion: A Dialectic Story

In 2016, both Arielle and Kurt wrote essays on themes related to psychedelia, Robert Anton Wilson and the nature of the universe. We’re publishing/re-publishing both essays to accompany our three-part series, “Owner’s Manual to the Human Brain.” Chris and Kurt also posted articles to accompany this series. Our situation on this earth seems strange. Every…

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5 Arguments in Favor of Rule-Following

In a post-god world, one might ask: why follow the rules, when rule breaking holds so much potential? Breaking the law leads to more fun, breaking social rules leads to interesting and amusing situations, and breaking moral rules can bring you personal advantage. If you steal, you can get all kinds of extra stuff. If…

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