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Episode XXIII: Vegan vs. Ex-vegan vs. Vegetarian vs. Paleo ft. Saad Khan

Approximately 56 billion animals are slaughtered every year in the U.S. alone. Vegans claim that this practice is nothing more than unnecessary cruelty- harming animals and destroying the environment in the process. But is veganism really the best option for human health, and for the health of the planet? Join us for a rousing discussion…

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Episode XXII: Parasocial Relationships

Most of us have had an experience with a celebrity, content creator, fictional character, or even an inanimate object that became an important figure in our lives– sometimes like a surrogate friend, parent, or leader. These one-sided relationships can often be very positive- think of the impact that Mr. Rogers has had on many children.…

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Limitless Creativity: Always Find What To Write

Sometimes people tell me that they’d like to start writing, but they don’t know where to begin. The answer is so obvious, that when I say it, it sounds like I’m mocking them. There are three steps: Pick up a pen; Apply it to the paper; and Be okay with whatever ends up on the…

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