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A podcast for higher-dimensional conversation.

Our Vision

With the rise of the internet, the ideological melting pot of the 20th century has gone on methamphetamine: diversity of belief has exploded, alongside ideological polarization. In the 21st century city, it's not uncommon to see black bloc, neo-nazis, vegans and carnivores living in the same apartment complex.

In this age of ideological variety, figuring out what to believe can be bewildering. Our strategy: creating conversation across reality tunnels, whether that conversation be debate, discussion, or reflection within a single mind. Our tactics: bridging the “old way” of academia, books and the intellectual cannon with the “new way” of internet culture and the Millennial perspective. In doing so, we create new links across both space and time, thereby catalyzing denser and richer networks of thought and actions.

We believe this process is crucial to navigating the disorienting times we live in, and in building the zeitgeist of tomorrow.



Shopenhauer: the grandfather of incel blackpill ideology?

Did incels get their philosophy from Schopenhauer?

By Arielle Friedman | April 7, 2020

Was Arthur Shopenhauer the original blackpiller? We compare Shopenhauer’s philosophy to the incel blackpill ideology, and then move on to see how some post-Shopenhaurian philosphers like Nietzsche could help address this dark philosophy.

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Is Veganism really two separate arguments?

By Arielle Friedman | November 12, 2019

Veganism is gaining traction in the world as a powerful moral argument. But is it really two arguments? This article explores the idea that veganism is actually two arguments, depending on what you make of the health claims.

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Limitless Creativity: Always Find What To Write

By Kurt Robinson | September 5, 2019

Sometimes people tell me that they’d like to start writing, but they don’t know where to begin. The answer is…

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